OCA Validator

OCA Validator enables entry (or an array of entries) verification against predefined rules, given by the OCA Bundle . The verification executed on an entry, that is a map of key-value pairs, encompasses:



oca_conductor = "0.2.6"
oca_zip_resolver = "0.2.6"

Typescript and JavaScript (Node.JS based)

npm i oca-data-validator



use oca_conductor::data_set::DataSet;
use oca_conductor::data_set::JSONDataSet;
use oca_conductor::Validator;
use oca_zip_resolver::resolve_from_zip;

fn main() {
    let oca_result = resolve_from_zip("oca_bundle.zip");
    let mut validator = Validator::new(oca_result.unwrap());
        r#"{ "email": "test@example.com", "licensess": ["A"] }"#.to_string(),
    let validation_result = validator.validate();
    println!("{:?}", validation_result); // Ok(())

See also tests open in new window available for validator module.

Typescript and JavaScript (Node.JS based)

import { resolveFromZip, Validator } from "oca-data-validator";

const oca = resolveFromZip(`oca_bundle.zip`);
let validator = new Validator(oca);

const result = validator.validate({
  'email': 'test@example.com',
  'licenses': ["A"],

console.log(result); // true

See also hereopen in new window for more integration tests.

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