OCA Repository

The OCA repository is a key concept of the OCA Ecosystem. It enables to manage, store and share OCA Objects like: OCA Bundles and OCAFiles . The interface is exposed through REST API open in new window.

The OCA repository operates under governance. It can be public (open access) or private (limited access).


The OCA repository serves as a central component in the ecosystem, providing storage, management, and sharing capabilities for various semantic needs. It supports multiple use cases, such as:

  • Storing verifiable credential schemas
  • Managing schemas for capturing and transforming data from IoT devices
  • Acting as a repository for document schemas
  • And more

Download and installation

docker pull humancolossus/oca-repository:latest


See OpenAPI Specificationopen in new window to get all available endpoints.


  • OCA Repository implements content centric networking open in new window (CCN) concept tu uniquely identify all the resources stored in the repository. The resources are identified through SAID'sopen in new window so by calculating the product of the one way hash function, that becomes the identifier of the resource. By deriving SAID's from the content it creates cryptographic binding between identifier and the content.
  • No ambiguity of the content thanks to unambiguous identifiers.


An example of the OCA repository is hosted under Argo playground:

https://repository.oca.argo.colossi.network/open in new window

It is an example of public OCA repository where anyone can publish their own schema. Keep in mind that for this repository there is no authentication nor authorization means everything uploaded there is available publicy to everyone, use only for testing.

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