OCA Browser

The OCA Browser is an utility to create and preview OCA Bundles using WEB interface. The OCA Browser supports:

  • form preview, so how the data can be captured using this bundle,
  • credential preview, so how the data can be presented using this bundle.

Try it

An instance of the OCA Browser is ready for you, under our Argo sandbox where you can play with it without the need to look into the code. You can find it HEREopen in new window

But if you are brave enough and ready for hands-on activity keep reading.


Navigate to the OCA Browser repositoryopen in new window to download latest source code. It comes with a Dockerfile and it is possible to pack it as a service into Docker image and run as a container.

Alternatively, there is a pre-baked docker-compose.yml fileopen in new window that includes OCA Repository, Browser and Data Vault already configured. To run it locally, download the compose file and then run docker compose up in the directory with docker-compose.yml.


It can be a viable alternative to use OCA Browser that is already established. For that, visit OCA Browseropen in new window page.


Navigate to the exampleopen in new window and download XLS file along with layouts.

  • Navigate to the develop menu item and provide all required files. If the transformation process succeeded, next to convert button a link will pop up that follows to a newly created OCA Bundle.
  • Go to preview menu item and upload OCA Bundle. A form and credential preview will be shown.
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