OCA Ecosystem

We have built a suite of tools and components to enable broad adoption of the architecture to facilitate implementations in a production environment. OCA core requirements continue to evolve in line with the development of these middleware assets.

OCA Repository

OCA Repository is a component for storing and sharing OCA objects freely. True object interoperability suggests that an object's storage location needs not to be the primary focus but instead the file content. OCA follows a content centric networkingopen in new window (CCN) approach with a Self-Addressing Identifiersopen in new window (SAID) referencing each object.

OCA Repository is decentralised by nature, synchronised with other components to enable OCA objects' searchability in a distributed ecosystem.

An OCA repository can be a public-access or private-access repository for storing OCA objects.

Elastic search powers the current repository implementation and exposes a simple API (see OpenAPI Specopen in new window) to the user.

OCA Data Vault

OCA Data Vault is a simple PoC data storage implementation showcasing how to consume and provide data described by OCA.

This project implementation is for showcasing purposes only, not for production systems or real-life use cases.

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