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The OCA repository is a key service of the Overlays Capture Architecture. Through the OCA repository, a user can access consistent schemas as well as the capture bases and overlays used to define those structures.

The OCA repository operates under governance. It can be public (open access) or private (limited access).


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OCA Repository is a component for storing and sharing OCA objects freely. True object interoperability suggests that an object's storage location needs not to be the primary focus but instead the file content. OCA Repository is decentralised by nature, synchronised with other components to enable OCA objects' searchability in a distributed ecosystem.

An OCA repository can be a public-access or private-access repository for storing OCA objects.

Elastic search powers the current repository implementation and exposes a simple API (see OpenAPI Specopen in new window) to the user.


  • Users can search for a schema in the repository
  • Users can retrieve a schema from the repository
  • Users can publish a schema to the repository

Reference implementation

See https://github.com/THCLab/oca-repository


An example of the OCA repository is hosted under Argo playground:

https://repository.oca.argo.colossi.network/open in new window

It is an example of public OCA repository where anyone can publish their own schema. Keep in mind that for this repository there is no authentication nor authorization, the reason for that is that we are operating on an immutable object which are identified by Self-Addressing Identifiers - SAIDopen in new window which makes it impossible to override someone else content

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